Hi am Tyrone and here at The Healthy Skin Journal, we believe in health, beauty and total skincare for all of our readers.

Not just beauty that’s visible, on the surface, but beauty that is honest, natural, un-retouched and unfiltered. Beauty that’s within as well as on the surface; beauty that inspires.

I like to write about anything I feel compelled to share, which is a attitude that cultivates health, balance and happiness (and the unique definitions those things have for each person) while celebrating the creative, wild and unexpected elements that make life something to write home about.

Join me in combing through life’s multitude of experiences  as we carefully pluck out pearls of wisdom, or, just practical and useful information that can help us all get to where we’re trying to go, and enjoy the days along the way.

This website is about celebrating the naturally beautiful education through innovation, the noteworthy and the unexpected about each person and each experience. BTW that’s me on the right in the image above and that beautiful woman on the right is my wife Kamla.

Tyrone Robertson

I do use affiliate links on this website, however the vendors that I choose have continually shown top notch performance and proven results to their customers. So I have no problem standing behind all of the products that I recommend to my visitors because I know you will be 100% satisfied with the results that you receive!