Acne Cosmetica: What, Why, How, and No More!

Acne Cosmetica

What is acne cosmetica?

Women with acne prone skin generally tend to apply heavy make up in order to hide breakouts and scars. But, do you know excessive makeup can also lead to acne breakouts on your face? And this is known as acne cosmetica.

Many times, you may face acne breakouts on your face without any specific reason, you may be suffering from the problem called acne cosmetica. Acne treatments are available for this problem, but it is important to know what cause it and take precautionary measures.

What causes acne cosmetica?

This type of acne is generally caused due to makeup that you use on your face. Although, this form of acne is generally mild in nature, you must follow the acne treatment system as soon as possible. If you suddenly start noticing acne breakouts on your face then it could be due to the cosmetics that you use on a daily basis.

The acne cosmetica can appear at any part of the body, but it generally appears on the face, neck, hairline, and scalp. Though acne cosmetica seems just like the other types of acne, it doesn’t cause any skin inflammation like the rest.The acne treatment products prescribed for it are also almost the same.

When you apply makeup on your face, some of the ingredients get clogged with the hair follicle, causing it to become blocked. This again causes the over production of sebum (oil). This leads to acne cosmetica. It appears on the hairline or the scalp, due to the clogging of the pores with the pomades and hair oils. As this type of acne is generally caused due to the external factors like makeup or hair care products, it is not necessary for you to have an acne prone skin to develop acne cosmetica.

Treatment for acne cosmetica:

You must pay due attention to the changes in your skin If you suddenly start experiencing acne breakouts without any proper reasons, then there are chances that you might be suffering from acne cosmetica. For the treatment of acne cosmetica, it is important that you avoid applying makeup during the day time.

Let your skin breathe, it is one of the most effective acne treatments. In case you have to apply makeup then ensure that you apply the makeup labeled as non-comedogenic. By using non-comedogenic makeup, you can save your skin from getting clogged and thus have no acne breakouts.

You can avoid acne cosmetica by ensuring that you always stick to a good brand. Whenever you buy a new product, observe how your skin reacts to it. If you feel that you are developing acne cosmetica then at once stop using the product. Even when you are on acne treatment systems, always prefer non-comedogenic makeup.