Acne Inversa: Importance of Diagnosis and Treatment

Acne Inversa

Although acne is a familiar term, acne inversa is a skin condition not many have heard about. Also known as ‘hidradenitis suppurativa’, this condition affects sensitive body parts like the groin, armpits, breasts and hair follicles. It is described as a chronic inflammatory skin condition which might start after puberty. Although there is no cure for this ailment, certain acne cure treatment can be used to give relief.

Causes and Cures For Acne Inversa

Acne inversa is a skin disorder affecting the hair follicles and sweat glands rather than sebaceous glands as it happens in regular acne. It occurs in those areas of the body where there is constant contact or friction with skin, such as buttocks, inner thighs, breasts or the underarms. Initially starting as a boil, acne inversa can become large and painful and eventually result in fever from extreme inflammation.

The causes of acne inversa are primarily stress, humidity and hormones. When the sweat glands become clogged due to perspiration or due to incomplete development of the gland, it becomes difficult to drain out the toxins. The trapped fluids eventually move into the surrounding tissue, causing inflammation and infection. Sometimes there is also a genetic predisposition towards developing acne inversa, while any ingrown hairs might also cause this condition. Conditions like stress, the onset of menstrual period, heat or excessive perspiration are also known to cause acne inversa.

Currently there is no known cure for acne inversa but the condition can be improved with various treatments. For mild conditions natural acne cures are more suitable. The best way to cure acne inversa is by losing weight, which will reduce the folds in the skin. The next thing is to shower daily and use topical antibiotics, antiseptics or acne cure preparations. Wearing loose clothing is another thing that prevents skin irritation. In case of persistent acne inversa professional help has to be sought for acne cure. The symptoms of this acne are more than just physical, since it also causes embarrassment and depression. It is very important that people go in for a diagnosis and anacne cure remedy for ways to cure acne inversa.

In cases of women, a dosage of oral contraceptive pills for a year have proved to be a cure for acne and may also be helpful in treating acne inversa. This is a serious skin ailment which needs to be dealt with care and immediacy, and if left unattended may result in weakening of the immune system. In the most severe cases, surgery is also chosen as an option.