What Is Acne Laser Treatment?


Acne Scar laser treatment is a method that has helped millions of people suffering from ugly acne scars, get rid of these scars both safely and effectively. It is indeed a relief to patients who are inflicted with severe acne scars and blemishes. For people with mild acne scars, topical treatment and drugs are enough.

However, this may not work for people having acute and frequent breakouts. People who are tired of using different acne treatment products but get no results should opt for the laser acne scar removal method. This acne scar treatment is known to stop the occurrence of acne once and for all.

How does acne laser treatment function?

The technicians use a quite powerful and small laser to efficiently remove the acne. Before understanding the process of the laser treatment , it is important to know what causes acne. Acne is caused due to the excessive production of oils in the skin, which clogs the pores. The laser used in this method gets to these oil producing glands present under the skin and destroys them.

This may sound painful, but the procedure is actually very comfortable and painless. There are no complications after these oil glands are destroyed. With the removal of the glands, the acne producing bacteria will not have the perfect conditions to grow, and this will ultimately stop the occurrence of acne.

It must be understood that in most cases, the laser treatments will not essentially clear the acne that is already present on the face or body. This can be cleared with the help of over the counter acne treatment solutions. However, once the production of oils slow down or stop after laser treatment, there will be fewer outbreaks or no breakouts.

Acne scar treatment

Another alternative to the laser treatment for acne scars is one in which the acne scars are completely cleared off. This is a very powerful laser treatment. It actually removes the top layer of the skin on the scar, and the surrounding areas. Fresh and healthy skin grows back in its place, and the acne scars are either completely gone or noticeably reduced.

Both of the laser treatment methods are very effective. In some of the cases, several treatments will be required. The only disadvantage of the acne laser treatment is that it is very expensive. However, it is true that though it’s expensive, the results of laser treatments are truly amazing.