Acne Laser Treatment


Topical creams as well as oral medications are considered useful treatments for acne. However, these treatment options can become too expensive, and these treatments have the tendency to dry as well as irritate the skin. In addition to this, acne outbreaks occurring at the back as well as the chest may be tricky to treat using these options due its large surface area.

Treating acne outbreaks through the use of acne laser treatment can actually provide a better aesthetic result especially for those acne types that are inflammatory. In addition to this, laser treatment for acne is usually considered when all other treatment options for acne have failed. But the good thing with this treatment would be that the use of laser treatment on acne does not have side effects, which are similar to the use of oral as well as topical medications for acne. Not just that, lasers also can be used for acne scar removal.

The Pros and Cons of Acne Laser Treatment

Like any other acne treatment options, the acne laser treatment will have its own share of good as well as bad points. Here is the list of the advantages of using this type of treatment for acne outbreaks

Specified Treatment:

Most laser treatment devices used today provide specified treatment. Such technology allows the treatment to be provided on the specific damaged area.


A laser based treatment does not make use of chemicals and any additives making this option a hypoallergenic option. The treatment makes use of energy through heat as well as light on the damaged areas of the skin. There are no chances of allergic reactions from occurring.

Effective and Efficient:

This treatment option for acne is efficient and effective. In fact, this is one advantage that cancels out negative attributes like the cost of the treatment. Most people who have been under laser treatment for acne claims permanent as well as desirable results. Moreover, there are instances wherein this treatment needs to be done on one session only, unlike chemical peels as well as dermal fillers that need to be done multiple times before positive results are achieved.

Lesser Complications:

Since laser treatments are not invasive procedures, there are lesser complications noted after undergoing this treatment. Complications like skin infections as well as bleeding. If there are side effects or complications noted, these are typically minor and will only last for a short period of time.

This treatment option also has some negative points that you need to consider. Here are some of the cons of this acne treatment option


This treatment option comes with a hefty price tag. However, this usually fluctuates depending on several factors like the extent of skin damage, the health care provider, and the location of the treatment.

Some Pain during Recovery:

Another negative attribute associated with this treatment would be some pain during recovery. This is due to the fact that this treatment will involve breaking down skin to promote new skin growth. However, this will typically be resolved in just a matter of weeks.


Not all clinics and health care institutions offer this kind of treatment since not all have advanced laser treatment devices and equipment.

Insurance Coverage:

Most insurance companies do not cover laser based treatments for acne treatment and acne scar removal.