Is Acne a Pregnancy Sign or Symptom?

Beautiful pregnant woman in the park

Many women who have had clear skin all their life and never suffered from acne before have testified about the occurrence of acne breakouts during the early months of their pregnancy. Pregnancy acne is perfectly normal among expectant mothers. It is a natural outcome of the hormonal changes that are taking place within the body. However, one cannot determine for a fact that a person is pregnant or not just because she has a sudden acne outbreak.

Why does one get pregnancy acne?

When a woman gets pregnant, her hormones begin working overtime. This causes the sebaceous glands to secrete more sebum. Thus, pregnancy acne is caused by primarily the same reasons that propel the problem in any normal person. Women who have not experienced such a degree of acne eruptions earlier might get alarmed.

In fact, it has also been observed that a number of women experience the opposite of pregnancy acne. Their skin tends to clear up and glow during their pregnancy. These symptoms differ from person to person in nature and degree because the biological processes and functioning of one individual may not be same as the other. Pregnancy acne is not the only symptom of having conceived.

Common pregnancy symptoms

As mentioned earlier, during pregnancy, acne is not the only symptom. Having a baby brings its fair share of discomfort. Some of the usual pregnancy symptoms are:

Food cravings and dislikes-Around 80% of women have intense food cravings and a slightly higher percentage of women get repelled by specific food products. Some women may develop a craving for oily or sugary food that could heighten outbreaks of pregnancy acne.

Morning sickness-Vomiting and nausea, not just during the early parts of the day, is believed to be induced by a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin.

Fatigue– Anemia, production of progesterone, and overload due to increased blood production are some of the reasons for fatigue.

Changing vision or dry eyes– The curving and thickening of the cornea due to increased blood circulation can cause changes in vision. Fluctuation of hormones causes dry eyes.

Breathlessness -Breathlessness is a result of the transfer of carbon dioxide from the baby to the mother.

Frequent urination-The pressure of the growing uterus on the bladder along with the kidneys working vigorously to flush out toxins from the body may cause frequent urination.

Emotional turmoil -The causes for an emotional rollercoaster may vary from hormonal imbalance, lack of sleep, to anxiety. Stress could be a major cause for increase in pregnancy acne, apart from hormonal imbalances and other reasons.

Headaches -A change in metabolism can lead to low blood sugar and increased hormonal levels. The flow of blood being restricted to the brain brings on bouts of headaches.

Swollen breasts- Breasts will feel swollen and tender as they are in the process of preparing themselves to nurse the little one.

Changes in libido-Raging hormones and surge in the blood flow can make the female sex organs hypersensitive resulting either in a very high libido or a frigid sex drive.

Pregnancy acne is just a part of the journey of becoming a mother. To keep your skin fresh and glowing and to help reduce pregnancy acne you should follow a regular skin care regime. Over-the-counter products for acne can be used provided the ingredients contained are not harmful. There are many things you need to be concerned about during pregnancy acne being just a part of it. Pregnancy acne is one of the symptoms of the biological and psychological changes the body is going through, it cannot be considered a sign of pregnancy.