Acne Scar Treatment

Acne Scar Treatment4

Acne Scarring

Having acne as an adolescent is uncomfortable enough, but these scars often leave permanent texture changes on the skin. There are two types of acne scars including raised and depressed marks. Raised acne scars appear above the skin’s surface. They can become painful and itchy at the same time, and they often become larger.

Depressed scars occur when a person loses muscle or fat under the skin. It also gives the skin a wavy texture and narrow sharp indents that creates the impression that a person’s face was punctured.The good news is that there are a number of acne scar treatment methods out there on the market. From surgery to lasers and injections to topical treatments, an individual can try many options to remove acne scars on their face. Here are some of the treatments available.

Natural Cures

If the thought of needles and knives makes a person woozy, there are different ways to get rid of acne scars that do not involve injections or surgery. Always remember that an acne scar regimen that works for one individual may not be very effective for another. The following are some of the most common natural acne scar removal methods.

  • Topical Creams – These acne scar removal creams often contain salicylic acids or alpha hdroxy acids. These substances stimulate the production of new skin cells to reduce the presence of scars. They also contain antihistamines and corticosteroids to help reduce itching and inflammation.
  • Pressure bandages and Massage- Acne scars that have raised tissue are commonly called hypertrophic scars, and they can be treated using pressure bandages or massage to reduce the formation of scar tissue. This treatment often needs to be done for several months before healing occurs.
  • Tea Tree Oil- This acne scar treatment agent contains gels that are known to reduce the presence of acne scars and make the skin smoother. However, it may cause allergic reactions in individuals who have sensitive skin.
  • Vinegar- This agent is known to have a mild chemical peel action that helps remove the skin’s upper layer. At the same time, it promotes the removal of old skin cells. This enables them to be replaced with new cells.
  • Lime juice or lemon juice- Applying lime or lemon juice to acne scars will help remove the dark pigmentation present on these scars. This enables them to be less noticeable.

Natural acne scar treatment methods are very safe and can be extremely successful. However, they require more time to be very effective. The main reason is that healing comes from within and steadily moves towards the outside parts of the body. At the same time, they do not cause any side effects and can be a potent and effective method of Acne scar treatment.


If acne scars cannot be removed using natural methods, there are many procedures that cosmetic treatment clinics, dermatologists and plastic surgeons offer. One of the most effective and common treatment modalities is surgery that includes filling, removing and raising scars. Demabrasion is another surgical procedure where the surgeon sands away the upper layer of the damaged skin using a wire brush. When the damaged skin is removed, new skin grows to give the person a contoured, smoother look.

Subcison is utilized for atrophic scarring. After injecting local anesthesia at the operative site, a needle is inserted below the skin and gently moves under the epidermis to release the scar. This surgical procedure was found to be very effective after being tested in recent studies.

Chemabarion or chemical peels are similar to dermabrasion. The main difference is that they use chemicals to remove scar tissue instead of a wire brush. Laser treatments are also commonly used in removing scar tissue. Employing a light laser, a surgeon removes the top portion of the skin to encourage new skin growth. There are different light ranges and lasers available for treatment. This acne removal procedure depends on a person’s skin type and the amount of scarring present.

Individuals who have acne scars deep below their skin surface can use fillers like collagen to remove scar tissue. These elements are usually injected deep into the scars. It causes a reduction in the scar appearance by lessening the depressions. This procedure comes with immediate and effective results. However, it needs to be repeated regularly as the filler is not permanent and only last from three to six months.

Surgical procedures are very effective. However, they involve a recovery period and carry certain risks. As with any other surgical procedures, there is a risk of additional scarring and infection. However, this is very rare. Clients who have undergone dermabrasion may also experience tiny whiteheads or a change in their skin color. So as you can see surgical procedures can be a very effective form of Acne scar treatment.