Do You Have Acne In The T-Zone?

T-Zone acne

What is T-Zone acne

The distribution of acne in the face, differs from person to person. It doesn’t follow a fixed style of distribution. If you have acne prone skin, then you must have noticed that the acne lesions are densely populated in certain areas, while there are other areas which have mild breakouts. The skin type of a person is greatly responsible for this. Before opting for an acne treatment system, it is necessary that you identify the area where acne breaks out often.

Understanding the T-Zone

Some people believe that oily skin is most susceptible to acne breakouts. But this is not true, dry and combination skinned people also suffer from acne breakouts. People with combination skin normally have T zone oily, and the rest of the face dry or normal. The T-zone is that area of the face which starts from the midpoint and sides of the forehead, and extends downward toward the mid of the nose, including the sides of the nose and a little part of chin. This area, known as the T zone is considered as one of the most acne prone areas, where breakouts occur often.

Why does acne occur in the T-Zone?

Several factors lead to acne breakouts in the T-zone area. It is better to understand what causes acne to occur in this particular area of the body to know which acne treatment would work best. The reasons are:

Dirt: The T-zone area of the face is touched with the dirty hands very often. We touch our face many times a day, without noticing whether our hands are clean or dirty. Thus, to help your acne treatment system work in the right manner, avoid touching your face with dirty hands.

Stress: Most of the times, the first acne breaks out in the chin or nose area. And the most important factor that leads to this ugly breakout is stress. You must keep your cool and at once start on a good acne treatment system. Avoid squeezing the pimple out of stress.

Oil and dirt accumulation: The T-zone of the face is that area of the body where oil and dirt accumulates in large amount, causing the pores to get blocked, leading to acne breakouts. You must follow a strict acne treatment regimen which includes cleansing, toning and medication of the skin. Get the right acne treatment products that suit your skin type and apply it daily without fail after properly cleansing the face, to see results.

Controlling acne in T-zone

Your acne treatment should include continuous follow-up and care to control and reduce acne. T-zone is generally made up of a combination of skin. Identify your skin type and buy acne treatment products that are suited to your skin and acne condition. Cleanse your face well using an oil-free gentle cleanser, pat dry, and apply a good acne treatment gel or cream like the exposed acne system as directed by your dermatologist.