Acne Treatment: Ayurveda as a Holistic Therapy


Ayurveda is an ancient art practiced in India from time immemorial. This holistic system of healing is known to have evolved among Brahman Indian sages more than 4,000 years ago. It has now gained popularity all over the world and is widely used as a natural remedy for acne.Ayurveda medicinal treatments are based on some basic principles. According to ayurveda, any surface health condition sprouts from a deep, underlying root condition. Acne is commonly referred to as “yauvan pidika” or “eruptions of youth”. Elimination of toxins from the body, maintenance of a balanced diet and proper exercise constitute the ayurvedic cure for acne.

According to ayurveda there are three central energy spots in the human body. These are:

1) Vata

2) Pitta

3) Kapha

Whenever there is a lack of equilibrium in these three energy spots the body is thrown into a state of ill health. This is close to the Chinese traditional medicine and the yin and yang principle.

Coming back to ayurveda, you should know what these three energies or doshas stand for. Vata Dosha governs principle of movement and its elements combine Air and Ether. It directs nerve impulses, respirations, elimination, circulation, and so on. Pitta Dosha is governed by the elements of Water and Fire. Pitta Dosha is involved in metabolism (organ, tissue, and cellular) or the process of transformation. Kapha Dosha is predominantly a combination of Water and Earth, and it offers protection in the form of mucous membranes, cerebral-spinal fluids, and other tissue protecting fluids.

If you want a holistic cure for acne then ayurveda could be a good option. It focuses on physiological as well as psychological treatment for acne. Ayurveda combines different herbal remedies, natural botanical face packs, masks, herbal drinks, herbal face cleansing methods, massage, modified diet, yoga, meditation, and a complete healthcare system with all natural ingredients to bring about a cure for acne from within.

Sunder Vati is a herbal drink recommended by ayurvedic doctors. This drink is composed of Kampo, Embella ribes, Ginger, and Holarrhena antidysenterica. Facial treatments like applying a face pack made of dhania, vach, and lodhra are also helpful in clearing acne. A paste of neem leaves, gram flour, and rose water is especially beneficial for those who suffer from oily skin and acne. There are many types of ayurvedic herbs, oils, and powders that can be used for treatment of acne. One should consult a good ayurvedic therapist for a holistic cure from acne.