Acne Treatment for Dark Complexioned People

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Acne treatment for people with darker complexions has a lot in common with acne treatment used for people with lighter complexions. However, there are some real differences that affect the type of acne treatments required for darker complexioned people.

People with dark complexion have several advantages as well as disadvantages when it comes to opting for daily skincare. Dark skinned people are less likely to sun burn. Their skin is also resistant to problems like cancer and wrinkles. These advantages can be attributed to a higher amount of melanin in their skin. Melanin is a natural chemical that causes skin to be dark.

Now, let’s get to the disadvantages. Dark spots, bumps, and scars are perhaps the most widespread problem for many dark complexioned people. These are similar to the red and purple spots in light skinned people.

However, in darker skin, these spots often last longer. Dark spots are mostly caused due to acne. For some lucky people, these dark acne scars disappear on their own, while for others, a good acne treatment method is needed to get rid of the marks.

Prevention of acne in dark skin

Avoiding irritation is the main key to preventing dark spots. People with dark complexion should remember to avoid picking, popping, or scrubbing at pimples. These are unhealthy ways of eliminating acne and the main reasons that lead to dark spots. Excess washing of the face can also cause a great deal of irritation to the acne prone skin. Therefore, clean your face properly only twice a day and apply a good acne treatment medication.

Acne Treatment for dark complexion

Regular use of sunscreen is the first line of defense against acne scars for dark skinned people. Scared and damaged skin is more sensitive to the sun’s UV rays, and because of this sensitivity, the majority of skin pigment gets attracted to the darker spots, thus darkening them further. Using a sunscreen of SPF 15+ is recommended for the people with darker complexion.

Dark skin is very sensitive; benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are very viable acne treatments. It is recommended to begin with the application of benzoyl peroxide directly to the skin, daily. For more effect, if the skin can handle it, the salicylic acid can also be applied. Both of these acne treatment products are commonly available over the counter. If these acne treatment products irritate the skin too much, then a lower concentration must be used. Non comedogenic moisturizers with Aloe or vitamin E can be used in conjunction with acne treatments to reduce scarring  helping prevent dark spots. These moisturizers won’t clog pores and reduce the irritation associated with acne treatments. If over the counter acne products don’t show results, then consult a good dermatologist. He or she will be able to prescribe the right acne treatment medications for dark complexion.