What Causes Back Acne?

Back Acne

Before looking for any type of back acne treatments and cures, it’s essential that you understand what causes back acne. If you clearly understand its causes and prevention, half of the battle is won!


Back acne is a very common skin disorder faced by people. It occurs in different forms, such as the pimples, blackheads, or pustules. Back acne can be really painful as it erupts in an area which you can’t see yourself. There are many myths related to back acne, so it is essential to clearly recognize what causes it.


Change in hormone leads occurrence of back acne:


Among the several factors that are known to cause back acne, the most important one is the change of male hormone in the body. The male hormones, also known as androgens, alter their levels in the body and this stimulates the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil. The excessive production of the oils leads to the occurrence of back acne.


As these oil glands are usually situated below the surface of the skin, the oils that are produced tend to get clogged with the dead cells to form a mass beneath the skin. Because of this, the dead cells get fixed under the skin surface and the mass blocks the hair follicle. This promotes the growth of the back acne producing bacteria in the area. Some people are prone to getting sever acne on their back. The bacteria also cause inflammation in the surrounding areas.


Things that aggravate back acne


Many things are known to worsen the back acne problem. One of them is the use of some particular clothing material. Such clothing materials when rub against the skin further aggravate the back acne. As soon as you feel that back acne has broken out, it is recommended that you consult your dermatologist.


When is a pustule formed?


In case of back acne, a pustule is usually formed if the inflammation is caused just beneath the surface of the skin. If the inflammation is caused deeper into the skin, then it forms a papule. Cystic back acne is that form of acne which is formed deepest below the skin surface. This type of back acne is the most painful one. It also tends to leave permanent back acne scars.


Back Acne Treatment


As the skin at the back is thicker than your facial skin, much stronger back acne treatments would be required to heal it. Benzoyl peroxide is used most frequently for the back acne treatments, because the medication is harsh and works well. Consult your dermatologist before it’s too late and get rid of the painful back acne.