Adult Acne Common Mistakes You Might Make

Adult Acne

People may recommend various adult acne solutions and doctors might advise specialized treatments for different cases of acne. But the fact is that there is no actual “cure” for acne.

What we need to focus on is to optimize the treatment we are following by not making common mistakes, however small and inconsequential they might seem. Adult acne treatment might involve use of over the counter products, natural cures for acne, topical medications or oral antibiotics.

Apart from using a particular product or following a mode of treatment, it is important that the actions we perform every day, our food habits, and other practices should not hinder or make the acne treatment less effective. If the following mistakes are avoided during your acne treatment routine then the best results can be achieved within a shorter span of time.

  1. Not using a moisturizer on acne-prone skin – Many acne treatment medications like Accutane, Retin  A or Benzoyl Peroxide might upset the pH balance of the skin and bring down moisture levels. Use hydrating gels to keep the skin moist as they are non-greasy and light. Oil-free moisturizers are best suited for acne-prone skin as they will not clog pores. You should use a moisturizer with sunscreen to protect skin that is photosensitive.
  2. Having a lot of chocolate and fried food-Although fried stuff and chocolate do not cause acne, studies show that they can aggravate existing conditions of acne because of processed sugars and oil which is not good for the skin. Instead, have dark chocolate which is rich in antioxidants. Add fiber, vitamin-rich veggies and fruits to your diet. A healthy diet will do good to your skin.
  3. Over-exfoliation-It is important for you to exfoliate your skin at least once a week. This helps to slough off dead skin cells and impurities trapped in the pores. But if you exfoliate your face too often or if you scrub too hard it can burst the small pimples and make the bacteria spread. If there are open eruptions on the face then exfoliation or scrubbing can aggravate the situation and prevent delicate skin from healing. Oily skin may start producing even more sebum if it is over exfoliated.
  4. Popping the zits – This bad habit can not only cause infection, spreading of acne, and pain but it also result in permanent scarring. This is something you definitely want to avoid. Use an anti-inflammatory cream or a hot compress to soothe the pimple instead of popping or squeezing it.

Other common mistakes people make are using hot water to rinse pimple affected skin, over washing the face, and tanning the skin. If these things are avoided then adult acne can become much easier to control and eliminate.