Aloe Vera – An Effective Acne Natural Remedy

Aloe Vera

aloe vera as a home remedy for acne

Acne generally pops during puberty and adolescence, and more than 80% of teenagers suffer from acne breakouts. It may also occur in adult, especially at the time of pregnancy or during other hormonal changes in the body. It may also be caused due to genetic, emotional, dietary reasons. The most common cause for acne is believed to be the hormonal changes in the body that stimulate the sebaceous glands. The pores of the skin get clogged due to the excess production of the oils in the sebaceous glands, and this leads to acne breakouts.


There are many acne treatment gels and drugs available in the market that helps in curing the acne breakouts. However, there are some people with extremely sensitive skin and they don’t prefer the acne gels and drugs. For them, the best acne treatment option is the natural and home remedies for acne


Treating acne with aloe vera


Aloe Vera contains bacterial and astringent properties, and this makes it an effective acne natural remedy. Although aloe vera is effective on acne, it may require some time. When you start treating acne with aloe vera then it is possible that your acne may worsen in the beginning. However, you must keep patience and wait for a few days. If used regularly, the aloe vera acne treatment is very effective. It kills the acne causing bacteria present in the skin and thus reduces acne breakouts to a great extent.


There are several natural based acne treatment gels and cleansers available in the market that contains aloe vera. Choose a good brand that has aloe vera as its key ingredient.


How to use aloe vera as a home remedy for acne


Cleanse your face thoroughly using a good Aloe Vera cleanser and a facial tonic. After that, you can apply an acne treatment gel containing a high amount of Aloe Vera (93.5%).


This acne treatment regimen should be followed every morning and before going to bed at night. If you have severe acne breakouts, then you can also apply at noon. It must be regularly applied to be effective.


To further support this acne treatment system, you must consume a big spoonful of Aloe Vera Juice, at least three times a day. It can either be taken in the pure form or diluted with fruit juice as it has a bitter taste.


Apart from being an effective acne treatment, Aloe Vera juice also helps in regulating and stimulating the body. It also reduces the levels of fat that is produced by the sebaceous glands.

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