Blackhead removal Treatment and Remedies

What are blackheads

Blackheads are type of acne which is very tough to get rid of. It can make your face look awful and create much discomfort in your social life. Blackheads are not just limited to the teenagers, but may also appear in adults.The most common areas of the face affected by blackheads are the cheeks and the nose tip. However, this can also at times appear on your back. Blackheads are commonly known as open comedones and are similar to whiteheads, except the fact that they appear only in oily skin. Whiteheads, on the other hand appear in oily as well as dry skin.

 Blackhead removal

There are many acne treatment products available in the market that promise effective and quick results. They are mostly available in the form of creams, strips, and gels. However, you must be careful while choosing these products as they contain different chemical substances which may or may not suit your skin type and can cause serious side effects.

Most people believe that blackheads can be treated easily by squeezing or picking at them, but this is not true. Sometimes blackheads may be severe and need an effective acne treatment medication. It is recommended that you rope in an expert to offer advice on your blackhead treatment, so that there are no side effects or scarring.

Some of the most common acne treatment products for blackheads are the ones containing benozyl peroxide, salicilyc acid, or are pore strips, which are known to remove blackheads immediately. However, this is a temporary remedy. For more successful results, you must get an effective acne treatment solution. Patients may even opt for more advanced therapies such as photo therapy, metal extractors, and chemical peels.

homemade remedies for blackhead removal

If you are looking for homemade remedies to get rid of acne then you can opt for using lemon juice as a toner in the evenings.  Before applying any blackhead treatment, you should open your pores with warm water. You can even apply a clean wash cloth soaked in hot water to your face for several minutes to open pores. Squeeze a lemon into a glass and apply the juice with a clean cotton ball. Leave the juice on overnight.

Another blackhead remedy, goats milk has been known to work as well. Lightly rub a cotton ball saturated with goats milk for several minutes over the effected area. Then rinse your face. You can also add ground oat meal to your cleansers to help exfoliate and remove blackheads.

Things to remember

In order to boost the effectiveness of the acne remedy, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat a balanced diet. Your diet should include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. You must cut down on caffeine and drink lots of water. You must also do some forms of exercises like yoga, swimming, jogging, aerobics, and meditation etc. This helps in speeding up the acne treatment process.

Before applying your acne treatment medication, you must wash your face well with a mild cleanser. You must also remember to avoid any sort greasy or sticky creams; and always remember to apply an oil-free sunscreen before stepping out in the sun.