Carrot Juice – An Effective Natural Acne Remedy

Orange carrots with juice

Carrots are the best natural source of Vitamin A, which is known to treat acne effectively just like other drugs like retinoids and isotretonion. Moreover, being a natural acne cure, it is free from any kind of side effects that the drugs normally come with. Vitamin A is also considered effective for the eye sight. Carrots also contain Vitamin C, which is again known to protect the body against infection and strengthen the immune system. A healthy body means no toxins and clogged pores, thus a healthier and acne free skin.

If you still want more reasons to believe that carrot can work as an acne natural remedy, then here it is carrots also contain calcium which is found in common dairy products like cheese and milk. Several research studies have proved that a deficiency of calcium in the body can lead to acne breakouts in the skin. However, dairy products are not the ideal foods to have in order to include calcium in your diet because they contain lactose and many people are lactose-intolerant. Thus, carrots serve as an excellent alternative to include calcium in your diet and cure acne naturally.

Carrots also contain sodium, which is yet another effective treatment of acne; however this has not been scientifically proven to date. There are many drugs available in the market that contains sodium. Carrots serve as the best natural source to include sodium in your diet.

Last but not the least; Carrots also contain fiber which further makes it a proven acne natural cure. Fiber ensures that your digestive system works well, and flushes toxins out of the body naturally. This helps in reducing acne breakouts and also cures other health problems like constipation.

Using Carrots Juice For Acne Natural Remedy:

Carrots and carrot juice can be used in several ways to treat acne naturally. The juice of carrot acts as a superb cleanser of blood, and thus helps in clearing skin. It also works as an alkalizer, which further helps to counterbalance the acidic conditions in your body. You can include a glass of carrot juice in your diet to help clear acne naturally. You can also consume carrots by eating them raw. It also works as a great acne natural remedy.

Alternatively, you can use carrots to prepare an acne-fighting facial mask. For this, you need to make a puree of the carrots, mix a few drops of olive oil as a binding agent and apply it all over your face. Olive oil is in itself an excellent natural cure for acne.

Warning  Carrots contain beta-carotene in large amounts, and if you consume a lot of carrots then it may cause your face to turn orange. If you see any changes in the color of your face, then reduce the consumption of carrots and mix it with some other natural acne remedy.

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