Chocolate and Acne Myth

Liquid chocolate

A Chocolate candy is innocent, but has been blamed regularly for ailments such as tooth decay, obesity, and acne in particular. There is good news for chocolate lovers who believe that chocolate causes acne, and stay away from it as an acne treatment method. Chocolate is harmless and does not cause zits or acne breakouts. In fact chocolate plays a nutritional role for a balanced diet. Chocolate or other food items do not cause acne breakouts. Acne is in fact caused due to elements such as:


  • Heredity
  • Hormones
  • Skin type
  • Cosmetics
  • Environment


Breaking the myth


To break the myth that less intake of chocolate can help in acne treatment, it is first important to understand the reasons that cause acne. When the sebaceous glands excrete excess oils, these oils get clogged with the pores of the skin. The buildup of the dead skin cells with the skin pore lead to the production of the acne causing bacteria. This can be cured by using the several types of over the counter acne treatment products. Chocolate eating has nothing to do with this.


One of the prevalent myths of all is that consuming greasy foods can cause your skin to generate more oil. Though greasy foods are not really good for health, they of course don’t cause oily skin or acne breakouts. Acne is in fact caused due to hormonal changes in the body. The tendency towards the oily skin can be hereditary.


Effective acne treatment methods


A good acne treatment regime can cause significant reduction in your acne problem. Diet of course plays a major role in the acne treatment routine. Add more of fresh fruits and green vegetables in your diet to combat the affects of acne. A recent study has proved that a more natural diet which includes lots of fruits and veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins create a healthy body and clear skin. The study did not link any food to acne breakouts. A healthy life style and good diet are prerequisites when it comes to an effective acne treatment.


If you feel that a particular food is causing more acne breakouts for you then avoid eating it. But remember that there is of course no direct link between any specific foods and acne breakouts. They also don’t hamper your acne treatment methods. So, go ahead and enjoy a chocolate candy! And let the acne treatment products do their job.