Best Clothing to Prevent Acne

Best Clothing to Prevent Acne

Acne is not just limited to the face. This is an inflammatory skin disease which can occur in any place on the body, including the shoulders, back, neck, and chest. There are numerous factors that directly and indirectly cause acne, and improper clothing is one of them. Improper clothing can cause as well as aggravate your existing acne condition. Read on to know how!

Development of acne is usually believed to be caused due to the hormonal disturbances or environmental toxins. In this terrible skin disorder, the sebaceous glands under the skin produce oil in large quantities. This oil mixes with dead skin cells to form sebum, the germinating ground for acne producing bacteria.

Wearing tight, unbreathable clothing mashes oil and dead skin together, pushing sebum deep into your pores, and keeping your skin from naturally fighting acne causing bacteria. These pore clogging circumstances are the ideal conditions for bacteria to grow. Therefore, you must be careful about the clothes your wear. Here are some tips by which you can prevent acne formation with proper clothing:

Perspiration can indirectly cause and aggravate acne. Therefore it is recommended that you always wear soft and loose clothing. Cotton clothes are ideal as they facilitate air flow, and at the same time also soak up excess sweat. Oxygen is essential for good health and it also helps in clearing the clogged pores of the existing acne. Thus wearing cotton clothes is ideal for those with problem skin.

If your have acne prone skin, you should avoid synthetic fabrics like polyester. These fabric doesn’t allow the flow of air and can cause excessive perspiration, thus increasing the production of oil from the glands. If you are a sportsperson and have acne prone skin, get sports apparel that is specially designed to pull sweat away from your skin and rapidly evaporate it.

Some clothes that are made up of woolen fabric can be too rough on skin. They may cause itching, and you may feel like scratching your body. This can aggravate the pre-existing acne, spread acne causing bacteria, and may even leave behind an ugly acne scar.

If you workout or exercise daily, then you should immediately shower after your fitness routine. Sitting in the same clothes hours after you have finished hectic physical activities, can cause acne outbreaks too. Sweat carries bacteria which can block the skin pores, causing acne inflammations. You must therefore wear comfortable clothes while exercising. Wearing too tight clothes can lead to acne breakouts in the body, and can even sabotage your existing acne treatment system.