Is There A Connection Between Immune System and Acne?

Immune System

The immune system of the body is in charge of fighting and destroying the diseases that develop inside. It is also responsible for healing the body, when afflicted by a sickness. As acne is a skin disease, the immune system is also responsible for the treatment of acne. If your immune system doesn’t function properly then you would become more vulnerable to diseases and disorders including acne. Here are some studies that prove that there is a connection between acne and immune system.

Zinc and Acne

We have heard that zinc helps in curing acne. But, do you know how it helps in doing so? Studies have revealed that zinc helps in boosting the immune system of the body. It is also responsible for the proper functioning of the white blood cells. Lack of zinc in the body, reduces the production of thymic hormones, and any change in the hormones result in acne breakouts. Thus, taking zinc supplements is one of the most effective acne treatment systems.

White Blood Cells and Acne Breakouts

Did you know that the white blood cells play a major role in eliminating the acne causing bacteria? There is a direct connection between white blood cells and acne breakouts. It is also responsible for maintaining the balance of hormonal levels, which affect the skin conditions. When the white blood cells don’t function properly, there are high chances of skin disorders taking place. It is therefore, advised to take zinc supplements daily as a part of your acne treatment system. Consult your dermatologists before you start taking it regularly.

Any disturbance in the immune system greatly influences the overall health. That’s why it is important to stay informed about it. Your Immune system can be affected by two types of disorders. They are – Immunodeficiency immune system and Auto immunity immune system. During Immunodeficiency, the immune system can’t recognize the bad cells and thus is unable to destroy them. In auto immunity, the immune system undergoes hyper activity, due to which it not only destroys the bad cells, but also the good ones.

Proper functioning of the immune system is a prerequisite for acne treatment. While consulting a dermatologist about your acne treatment system, tell him/ her if you face any immune system disorder. It can be caused due to several factors like antibiotics misuse, emotional stress, and genetic disturbance.

If you find frequent breakouts in your skin and your topical acne treatment products do no good then may be your problem is related to immune system. Discuss with your dermatologist and get the right acne treatment that cures your acne inside out.