Cut the Stress Out To Reduce Acne

A healthy mind manifests itself in a healthy body. This is very true when we come to the point of discussing acne, its causes and acne treatment. The health of our skin it affected by the levels of stress we experience. High stress levels can suddenly cause pimples to pop up overnight. This kind of acne is skin-deep, not merely in the literal sense of the term, and it must be treated holistically.


Relation between stress and acne:

Cortisol is a hormone that is secreted by our body when we are under stress. When this travels through our blood stream, it causes an increase in blood pressure and the dilation of blood vessels. The body’s response to this is the breaking of pore walls. Stress related acne increases because of the overdrive of adrenalin and increased androgens. Stress causes changes in our daily patterns of eating and sleeping. This affects the spurt of acne on our skin.

We cannot actually say that stress causes acne directly. But yes, it is an established fact, researched and proven, that stress induced hormones and neuroactive substances speed up the occurrence of acne. Emotional stress can be caused because of several reasons including work pressure, anxiety due to exams, relationship problems and so on.

Lacks of sleep, smoking, drugs, hectic lifestyle and increased physical activity without adequate rest are reasons for physical stress. Stress causes acne and it can pretty well have an inverse effect as well.

Treatment of stress related acne:

Stress is not the only reason for those undesirable eruptions on our body and face. But cutting out on stress does help reduce acne. The best acne treatment would cost you nothing more than staying relaxed, following a healthy nutrition and exercise regime, meditation, a good night’s sleep, smiling and staying happy.

Acne pimples treatment can also be done by topical application of acne treatment creams. Herbal acne treatment also helps in the reduction and curing of acne and the scars that are caused by it. Facial hygiene is a very important factor in keeping the germs at bay. Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins and your skin is sure to glow with health.

If the case of acne is severe, then a visit to a doctor is recommended. On consultation, he will diagnose the causes of your case of acne and treatment will be given accordingly. This may be in the form of acne topical treatment, acne oral treatment or a combination of both. A slight change in your lifestyle, if very hectic or emotionally draining can also make a huge difference in acne related problems.