What is Cystic Back Acne?

Cystic back acne is one of the most severe forms of back acne, a common skin problem that is caused due to several factors. The hard comedones appear as black acne boils, under the skin. The back is a difficult area to reach, and thus topical methods are are difficult to use when treating back acne. Before looking for your back acne treatment solution, it is a good idea to understand the factors that lead to the formation of cystic back acne and how it can be cured.

What causes cystic back acne?

Hormonal changes in the body are the chief factors that cause cystic back acne. The changes in androgens or the male hormones cause this type of back acne. Though it is a severe form of back acne, the severity usually varies from one person to another. Sometimes the back acne occurs just beneath the skin surface, and at other times it is formed a little deeper into the surface of the skin.

In most cases cystic back acne usually occurs just beneath the surface of the skin and this can cause acute irritation in the skin. Inflammation is caused by the soreness of the skin cells and secretion of oils by the sebaceous glands. When the body is going through hormonal changes, these glands secrete more oil. The excreted oils mix with dead cells which clog your pores and forms cysts.

There are many methods for treating back acne, but few that are very effective when treating cystic back acne.

Cysts back acne is comparatively larger and more reddish than the other types of acne formations. It is tough to cure back acne with mild acne treatment medications, as the condition is severe in most cases. Back acne treatments may take a longer time to show results in most cases.

Cysts back acne treatments

Cystic back acne should be cleaned on a daily basis with the help of a exfoliating cleanser. This is done to remove the dead skin cells and to get rid of the bacteria. The treatment can from about six months to a year to get cured completely. It is important to apply the cleanser on the affected area everyday without fail. You will able to see improvements in about two months.

Cysts back acne medication

There are several back acne treatment drugs available in the market to choose from. However before opting for any acne treatment product, it is important that you examine the product carefully, go through the ingredients, and read the product reviews. For whatever treatment solution you chose, the dosage should be mild in the beginning; and should be followed by stronger medication. Some natural herbal products have also proved to be a good remedy for cystic back acne.