Drinking Milk Causes Acne

Drinking Milk

It has been told time and again that your diet is not responsible for acne, yet there are a handful of dermatologists who believe that diet can have an influence on your acne treatment process. It may worsen or speed up the acne treatment system. However, its not chocolates or potato chips that the dermatologists usually refer to. They consider milk, the healthy and wholesome drink, as a major cause for acne breakouts.


Many researchers have claimed to have found a connection between milk consumption and the formation of acne. Apparently, those who drink milk regularly are more prone to develop more severe acne than the non-milk drinkers. A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (May 2008 issue) claimed that the teenage girls and boys, whose diet includes more of dairy products, have the worst acne.


How is milk and acne related?


Many people wonder how acne is related to milk. Some doctors say it’s due to the hormones present in milk. Androgen hormones which are considered one of the main reason for acne breakouts, is found in milk. This is known to hinder the effect of the acne treatment systems.


Testosterone, which is an androgen hormone, creates di-hydrotestosterone (DHT) through a complicated chain reaction. DHT then stimulates the sebaceous glands within the body to excrete more oil that leads to clogging of the pores. Some researchers point out that people, who are genetically more prone to acne breakouts, are more likely to be affected by the hormones present in milk.


Many cows are given additional hormones to stimulate more milk production. This further triggers the acne breakouts and sabotages the effect of any kind of acne treatment products that you have been using.


Acne treatment and prevention:


There are some dermatologists who claim to have noticed an improvement in the acne treatment system when their patients cut milk and other dairy products from their diet. However, there is still no solid evidence to prove the exact connection between milk and acne breakouts. However, decreasing milk consumption may be helpful in the case of those who aren’t benefiting much from their conventional acne treatment process.


If you are not getting expected results from your acne treatment products, then you may try avoiding milk and other dairy products from your list. If the problem still persists then consult your dermatologist. It may be that your acne treatment system is not suiting you. In that case, you may opt for the other over-the-counter treatments available.