What is Excoriated Acne?

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Acne hits almost everyone, sometime or the other. And most people, at some point have given in to the temptation of picking at them. For some people, picking at acne goes to an extreme point when the skin tissues get damaged seriously. This leads to excoriated acne. It usually occurs when the blemishes are scratched or picked to an extent of wounding the skin tissues. Although excoriated acne can happen to anyone, women are more prone to it. Proper acne treatment should be done to cure the excoriated acne.

What causes excoriated acne?

As said earlier, excoriated acne is caused by picking, or scratching at the blemishes. The excoriated acne sometimes develops as a common case of acne vulgaris. At other times, the sufferer picks at the barely visible miniscule comedones which cause excoriated acne.
It can be really tough for people with excoriated acne to follow an acne treatment system. This is mainly because such people have the tendency to pick at pimples. They may spend several hours in front of the mirror, squeezing or picking at the pimples. This can cause open sores, which may need immediate acne treatment.

Appearance of excoriated acne:

The appearance of the excoriated acne may differ depending on the severity by which the sufferer picks at the skin. The excoriated acne may either appear like red bumps, scratches, open red sores, or scabs.

Excoriated acne is at times accompanied by the occurrence of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This usually happens when the skin has been damaged to a point where the tissue get damaged permanently, leaving an ugly acne scar behind.

Acne treatment system:

You must heal your acne breakouts at an early stage by using the over-the-counter acne treatment products or medications. You may need to use antibiotics if the lesions are inflammatory. However, these acne treatments can’t combat the most important source of concern, which includes the constant picking at the blemishes.

A person suffering from the excoriated acne problem must see a dermatologist. A doctor should be able to explain the significance of the “hands-off” policy to treat excoriated acne. At times, this type of acne may also be followed by ADHD, depression, anxiety disorders, or other mood swings.

Acne treatment for excoriated acne may differ from individual to individual. Besides using the regular acne treatment medications, those suffering from excoriated acne may also benefit from psychological counseling, drug therapies, or substitution therapies. People suffering from this type of acne problem should at once seek the help of a dermatologist to get rid of the ugly wounds and scars.