Glytone Review

Glytone Acne Treatment Explained

Glytone is a renowned French company that specializes in dealing with costly anti-aging women products. In addition to these products, Glytone has now introduced anti-acne products and treatment kits aimed at helping the management of acne.

The main goal is to provide patients with a wider choice of acne treatment options from which they can choose that will help combat acne without many side effects. Glytone products are approved and tested to match the available recommended acne drugs like exposed skin care and proactive in effectiveness.

How Acne develops in patients

According to Dermatologist, there are three main components associated with the development of acne. They include faster or higher production rates of special body oil called sebum, the shedding of dead body skin cells and lastly accumulation and growth of bacteria.
Acne occurs when hair follicles which are small passages for draining sebum get blocked. Sebum is a fluid that is produced by sebaceous glands within the skin to keep the hairs soft and moist from drying. Excessive production of this fluid can cause it to accumulate within the channel leading to blockage of the pores.

Acne could also be caused by accumulation of dead cells in the passages especially in conditions where the rate of shedding is increased. The resulting channel blockage encourages overgrowth and multiplication of bacteria behind the plug which then cause irritation and inflammation or acne.

How Glytone products control acne

Glytone products treat acne by targeting the three causes of acne formation. The product contains three treatments including an exfoliating wash, an acne cleansing toner and an acne gel.

The active ingredients in these products includes free glycolic acid which functions to clear the dead skin cell, salicylic acid that opens up the obstructed pores and lastly benzoyl peroxide which has antibacterial activity. In addition, Glytone also produces other products that contain active components like sulfur and resorcinol that also prevent the process of acne formation.

What are the Expected outcomes?

Glytone’s list of skin care products been tried and tested by many patients who have given good feedback. Some alleged that the products treated their pimples within 5 days. Others complained of some unpleasant effects especially during the first weeks of use such as dry skin and some inflammation. Continued use however leads to a reduction of these effects and in most cases smoother skin that is free of acne.