Do Hair Care Products Cause Acne?

The best acne cures will be rendered useless if appropriate preventive measures are not taken alongside. If a little caution is exercised while selecting hair care and styling products, then acne can be reduced and prevented to a large extent. Various chemicals in hair like petrolatum, silicone derivatives, isopropyl myristate, coconut oil, and other natural oils are the most common pore-clogging ingredients that are present in hair products.

 Exercise caution while using hair products

  •  Alcohol based products, gels, hair sprays, and mousses are some of the things you need to be careful of. They contain certain chemicals that could lead to acne.
  •  While you are styling your hair, be cautious and cover your skin, especially at the hairline. Acne and pimples near the forehead, temples, and even on the scalp are caused by careless use of hair products.
  •  While swimming, make sure that you don’t have any product like mousse, gel, or oil in your hair. The water around makes it easier for the chemicals to get deposited on your skin and aggravate existing acne or trigger a fresh breakout.
  • Wear an absorbent hair band while you are working out. Better still; keep your hair product free while exercising. The perspiration will be a carrier of the styling product to your skin. To cure acne effectively you need to take precaution in keeping the skin clear of any foreign bodies and germs.
  • When you shampoo and condition your hair, make sure you cleanse your face thoroughly after the conditioner is rinsed. Residual matter could lead to worsening of existing acne on the face, neck, or back. A skin acne cure face wash could be a good option for cleansing.

A natural cure for acne is water-therapy. The body and skin needs sufficient hydration to keep the pores fresh and flush out toxins from the system. The acne cure that works well with most people is over the counter medicines. So while you take treatment to cure acne, pay a little more attention to your hair care regime and see quicker results.