Keeping Acne Away During Holidays

So, you are on holiday and there pops the pimple? Don’t get discouraged! There are many ways by which you can get rid of this extra baggage during your holiday. Extensive acne treatments may take longer, you can however manage, conceal, and try out some quick and effective acne treatment methods. Here are some useful tips to treat your acne so that you look fabulous during the holidays:

Dab on a little makeup magic

The redness caused due to acne breakouts can be camouflaged by applying the right amount of makeup. You can try out the green-based primers first to neutralize the redness in the skin. There are many medicated makeup products available on the market which contain acne fighting ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. You can apply a non-comedogenic makeup which complements your skin tone. Give your makeover a finishing touch with a light dusting powder, and remember to cleanse your face thoroughly with a good acne treatment cleanser before retiring to bed at night to remove all traces of makeup.

For men and teenage boys, the most appropriate treatment would be the tinted acne medications. These acne medications help in toning down the redness, and matching the tone of your the skin. Some of the most common over the counter acne treatment brands such as Oxy, Clearasil, and Neutrogena offer tinted acne treatment products. If you are confused then call your local salon or day spa. Many spas and salons have makeup artists or estheticians, who can provide you with quick tips to treat acne breakouts.

Avoid excess drying of the skin

Keep your skin well hydrated to help keep acne away during holidays. If your skin is peeling or flaking, then even the most beautifully applied makeup will look unappealing. Dry skin is more common during winter months, so remember to always carry with you a good acne treatment cream or lotion while out on a holiday, however ensure that your moisturizer is oil free.

If your skin is not inflamed then you can try a mild alpha hydroxy acid to help remove dry flaky skin. Avoid using gritty scrubs as this can worsen your acne blemishes. If you are already on an acne treatment prescription which includes Retin A, Differin or Accutane, then you must never use an exfoliant to clear acne.

Wear cloths with soothing colors

Red looks quite festive during holiday season, but if your have acne then you may want to avoid this color. If your skin is inflamed, then a red colored shirt or dress will intensify the redness of your skin. This goes for all colors that are of the red shade. This includes fuchsia, pink, burgundy and wine shades.

Try acne spot treatments

If your pimples pop up during the holidays, then try out a good acne spot treatment product containing salicylic acid or sulfur. These ingredients help in quickly healing the acne breakouts and in reducing the inflammation. Well those are my tips for making through the holiday season with that unsuspecting acne breakout! enjoy 🙂