Does Make-up Cause Acne?

Most women, who suffer from the problem of acne, develop a kind of love-hate relationship with make-up. Women rely on it to cover up the breakouts or acne scars that make them feel conscious. On the other hand, they aggravate the acne by using cosmetics and this also further delay the acne treatment process.

If you must wear make-up then it is important that you know how to use it without sabotaging your acne treatment methods. Here are some tips that will help you to use make-up without causing or aggravating the already formed acne breakouts.

Never go to bed with your make-up on: If you wear make-up everyday, then remember to remove it properly before going to bed. Gently remove all traces of make-up from your face and neck before applying your acne treatment medication. You can use a gentle and mild cleanser and toner to remove all the make-up.

Choose a make-up product labeled as noncomedogenic: If your skin is prone to breakouts, or you have acne, or acne scars, then it is recommended that you use a noncomedogenic make-up which doesn’t contain the ingredients which are known to clog the skin pores. While you are on acne treatment, it is good to start with first reducing the pores. Many women have noticed improvement in their acne breakouts by switching to noncomedogenic makeup.

Remember to frequently clean your applicators: An effective acne treatment should be able to reduce the number of acne-producing bacteria on your skin. The makeup applicators and brushes are known to be good bacteria magnets. Therefore it is important that you frequently clean your makeup brushes with an antibacterial soap and spray them with isopropyl after every application. If possible, use disposable applicators so that this doesn’t hamper your acne treatment process in any way.

Select a powder-based makeup: The liquid based makeup mostly contain oil that further aggravates the acne, or hampers the acne treatment process. To ensure that your acne treatment products show effective results even after you apply makeup, use a powder based makeup. The powder based makeup has the ability to absorb the excess oil so that it helps in speeding up the acne treatment method.

Switching brands: If you find that your acne has worsened after wearing makeup then try to switch brands. Sometimes even the makeup formulations that are labeled as noncomedogenic may cause acne breakouts. In that case, consult your dermatologist and switch your brand.

Go bare when possible: Whenever you can, just leave your face without any makeup. Let your skin stay natural and breathe. And even when applying makeup try to use as minimum amount as possible. This is very important, as continuous inflammation of the skin can sabotage your acne treatment method and make your acne treatment products ineffective.