Minocycline to Fight Acne Causing Bacteria


Minocycline is an effective antibiotic that works by fighting acne causing bacteria present on the skin and in the pores. It comes under the tetracycline antibiotic category. Minocycline boosts the body’s immune system, protecting you from various types of bacteria. It is a prescription drug, which is used for the treatment of various infections caused as a result of the microbial activity. This includes the bacterial infections such as severe acne, urinary tract infections, gonorrhea, and tick fever. These illnesses and disorders can be cured using Minocycline. This antibiotic drug is available in the market under several brand names such as Minomycin, Minocin, Minoderm, and Acanimo.


Use of Minocycline in treatment of acne:


Minocycline has been effectively used for the treatment of acne. This antibiotic drug cures acne and blemishes by fighting and limiting the growth of various acne producing organisms. Minocycline also works as an anti inflammatory agent, thereby diminishing the redness caused by acne. Dermatologists believe that Minocycline works better than any other antibiotics for the treatment of acne. The drug is also relatively easy to use.


Correct usage and dose of Minocycline:


Minocycline is a prescription drug. Therefore, it should not be used without consulting a doctor. Patients, who are on Minocycline acne treatment system, should remember to take their dosage properly to avoid any kind of drug overdose or interactions. Here are some important things to keep in mind:


Minocycline drug should be always taken with 8 ounces of water, at a minimum.


Patients must remember to never consume this drug with any sort of milk or dairy products, unless otherwise directed. In case your dermatologist asks you to take Minocycline with milk then ask him/her to give you the calcium and iron free dairy brands that can be safely taken with the drug.


Patients must never try to crush or chew the Minocycline tablet. It should always be swallowed as a whole.


Never break the coating of the Minocycline tablet. The acne treatment medication is meant to be slowly released into the body.


Things to remember:


While on an acne treatment system using Minocycline, you must take some precautions to ensure that the drug works right for you.


Minocycline should never be consumed post its expiry date, as it becomes toxic after that. So, pay attention to the expiration date mentioned in the package.


The effectiveness of this drug is sabotaged if taken along with calcium or other iron supplements.

While you are on an acne treatment system using Minocycline, avoid prolonged or excessive sunlight exposure.

Some antibiotics cause birth control pills to become ineffective. Ask your doctor if you need to use an alternative form of contraception.