Mixing and Matching Acne Treatment Products Can Be Harmful

With hundreds of acne treatment products claiming to improve skin texture and clear acne, it’s normal for customers to get baffled. People with acne tend to get overwhelmed with the wide variety of skin care products available in the market that claim to treat or cure acne effectively. Mixing and matching acne treatment products by different manufacturers can do more harm than good, read on to learn how.

The problem

More and more people these days are becoming allergic to artificial ingredients and harsh chemicals that are normally present in some acne treatment products. The main factors that cause the skin to rebel include environment, diet, hormones, stress, and chemotherapy.

Another very common factor that is quickly causing skin problems acne irritation is mixing and matching skin care products. Many of these products developed by different manufacturers are not formulated to work together and this may lead to further skin problems.

Just like it is hazardous to combine different home cleaning products, so is the case with skin care products. Mixing and matching of acne treatment products by different manufacturers can aggravate acne and cause various other complications in the skin.

The market is flooded with acne treatment products and consumers generally get tempted to purchase a mix of products that may not work in synergy. If you look into the typical medicine cabinet you’ll find that it is generally stocked with Brand A moisturizer that is applied after Brand Y cleanser, and Brand Z toner.

Most people think that there’s no problem with this combination but aren’t aware of the fact that by combining products by different manufactures and applying chemicals on their faces which may not go well together, they are inviting unwanted skin complications.

The solution

To effectively clear acne breakouts and other skin complications, avoid mixing and matching skin care products. This will help in maintaining the skin’s natural pH balance. Stick to one good brand that suits your skin and use skin care products by that brand only. If you already have acne, then opt for the brand that offers a complete acne treatment solution consisting of cleansers, toners, and moisturizers.

It is recommended that you avoid products that contain drying alcohol, artificial coloring agents, synthetic fragrances, waxes, parabens, propylene glycol, mineral oil, or sodium laurel sulfates. If your skin is sensitive then try out the herbal and natural based acne treatment products.