how to get rid of acne scars using simple home remedies

Acne is an unpleasant and sometimes painful condition involving papules and pustules that appear on the skin. While many factors contribute to a person getting acne, such as hormones, genetics, and body chemistry, there are plenty of natural acne treatments available. No one treatment works for everybody, so it is important to try a variety of products to see what works best. Here are some common natural products that have been successful healing acne scars for many:

With Hazel

This astringent has antimicrobial properties that can assist in reducing or clearing acne breakouts. It can help to clear skin by removing dirt and oils that can clog pores, as well as by providing a gentle antibiotic effect on the surface of the skin. Witch Hazel is widely available and can be found at most drug stores.

Azadirachta Indica

Sometimes called neem, this plant native to India has long been used in medicine and is thought to have antibiotic and antiviral properties. Neem can be eaten as a vegetable, allowing the antibiotic elements to be absorbed at the deepest layers of the skin. This may help many breakouts from ever occurring. It is also available in topical creams, soaps and as a vitamin supplement.


Doctors are aware of the link between acne breakouts and stress even though the exact mechanism of how this works is still unknown. Regardless of the specific physiological process involved, reducing stress may well reduce acne. Meditation is a perfect way to calm the body, reduce blood pressure, and promote a state of overall well-being. It is one of the simplest natural remedies for acne and costs nothing.

Commiphora Wightii

More commonly known as guggul, this plant from India has been found to be as effective as some prescription antibiotics. This natural antibiotic can be taken orally to help keep the body from producing the topical infections that cause acne. It should be noted that guggul is endangered due to over harvesting. Make sure if this is purchased that the company selling it is practicing safe harvesting and conservation efforts.


One of the cheapest home remedies for acne is simply to drink more water. Skin that is well-hydrated will be stronger and able to fight off infection better. The old myth that eight glasses of water a day is required for the proper functioning of the body has long since been dispensed, but drinking water instead of soda or processed beverages can go a long way to promoting clear skin.


This tasty plant is often used in cooking, but can be found as a vitamin supplement or in topical formulations. Known for a variety of health benefits, the topical creams have provided a reduction in acne for many who used them. When added to food, it might be the tastiest of all natural remedies for acne.

This is just a partial list of home remedies for acne. There are many others out there, and finding the one that works best is largely trial and error.