Oatmeal Masks To Treat Acne

The use of oatmeal based products and oatmeal masks in the treatment of acne have been identified recently. Acne sufferers can use colloidal oatmeal, which is the fine powdery form of the simply rolled oats, as facial scrub. Alternatively, oatmeal can also be cooked and applied directly to the face to reduce the acne breakouts. Though, an entirely new kind of homemade acne remedy, it has been showing significant results in many cases.

Here are some tips about how you oatmeal to create effective home remedies for acne. Some of the things that you may require for this includes: Rolled oats, Colloidal oatmeal, Coffee mill or grinder, Soft washcloth, Distilled water, and Fresh foods and vegetables.

Tip 1: Prepare colloidal oatmeal by finely grinding rolled oats into a powder. You can use a coffee mill or grinder. Now, dissolve the colloidal oatmeal into lukewarm water, and use this solution to apply to the acne affected areas. Pat dry your skin using a soft and absorbent towel. However, take care to not to rub too hard and further annoy your skin.

Tip 2: Cook some oatmeal directly to use it as a homemade remedy for acne. You can follow the instruction in the package to cook up the oatmeal. After, it cools down a bit, apply it as a mask all over your face. Allow the mask to dry till it becomes slightly crusty on the surface. Now, wash off the mask with lukewarm water.

Tip 3: You can use oatmeal as a facial scrub to treat and reduce your acne. Just mix some uncooked oatmeal with warm water, till it becomes damp. Take care, to not get it completely soaked. Now, apply the oatmeal smoothly all over your face and scrub using a soft cloth, just like you would do with any facial cleanser.

Tip 4: You can also oatmeal as part of your comprehensive homemade remedy for acne. This natural acne remedy requires you to drink around 8 to 10 oz. glasses of distilled water every day. You must also eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables daily. This helps to detoxify your body internal and remove all the bacteria that cause acne.

Tip 5: As a part of your simple homemade remedy for acne, repeat the oatmeal mask procedures at least twice daily. You can also add an additional bowl of oatmeal in your daily morning diet to further support your acne home remedy.

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