Acne No More Review

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Acne No More

Written by Mike Walden, the eBook reflects years of studying the causes of acne. After suffering for years, he came to the realization that acne could not be cured unless the underlying conditions were relieved. Walden began suffering from acne vulgaris when he was 13 years old. He developed cysts on his face, back and shoulders. Walden’s suffering with acne led him to work on a solution. His eBook is intended to help others who suffer with lower self-esteem caused by their physical appearance.

At the age of 22, Walden began to study dermatology and nutrition. After reading hundreds of medical texts, he went to herbalists, doctors and naturopaths to learn more. Finally, Walden came across the case of an elderly man who was able to cure his skin disorder holistically. Walden tinkered with the approach and tried using it. Within eight weeks, his acne completely disappeared.

How Acne No More Works

Throughout the eBook, Walden looks at four of the most important facts that he learned about acne. The first thing he realized was how much conflicting information and advice is available. Each approach ranges from avoiding fruit to using benzoyl peroxide. After studying all of the treatment processes, Walden came to the realization that none of them worked. In fact, his second realization was that many of the drugs and antibiotics were actually making acne worse. Drugs like Tetracycline work in the short term, but causes problems for the body over a longer period of time. Other medications like Adapalene or steroids include a list of severe side effects.

After figuring out that the current medications were flawed, Walden looked at creams and topicals. Like medications, these are intended to treat the appearance of acne and not the underlying cause. These creams can only improve the symptoms of acne, but they cannot cure it over the long term. What people need is something that gets rid of the internal problems creating their condition. In his book, Walden finally covers how to treat the individual’s imbalance. According to him, acne is a result of someone having an imbalance in their body. Due to the imbalance, acne sufferers must treat their condition holistically.

Acne No More Results

The eBook clearly illustrates the results for its readers. Men and women who use this system are able to have their existing acne gone within days or weeks. It is able to get rid of marks, scars, blackheads and peeling. Due to the overall improvements users experience, most individuals end up with higher self-esteem and confidence. Although the approach is intended to provide the best acne treatment possible, it actually goes a lot further. The Acne No More eBook can help people improve their quality of life. It enhances general health and leaves people feeling lighter and more energetic.

What Makes Acne No More Unique

This eBook is unique because it offers a holistic, natural solution. It is intended to be a lifetime solution and has recommendations for eliminating acne if it reoccurs. Since every person is different, the method is completely customizable for each person. The eBook includes step-by-step instructions on how to be a scientist and look for the factors within the human body that need work.

One of the best aspects of this eBook is that it is interactive. It is designed so that users can begin curing their acne while they read the book. This interactive approach makes the treatment and relief of acne faster. To enhance this interactive structure, the book is cleverly laid out so that it builds on previous knowledge. This practical book can work for everyone because it provides simple lifestyle adjustments. As more scientific information becomes available, the information in the eBook is continually updated to reflect the best available data.

Although the book is easily laid out and comprehensive in design, users still may need assistance. On these occasions, they can reach out to Acne No More for counseling via email. The acne cure system has a nutrition specialist and medical researcher who are available to provide the assistance needed.


Overall, this eBook provides a vital approach to the treatment of acne. It is clearly laid out and offers the information users need to get started. Unlike traditional approaches, Walden’s book actually looks at the underlying issues that cause acne. To treat these problems, Walden offers a lifestyle-based, holistic approach. With this treatment process, users can expect relief within a week and full recovery within two months.


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