Acne Treatment Solutions

When we started our review section, our biggest challenge was finding the right criteria in which to rate the products we were testing. We wanted to give each product a fair chance based on its own strengths and weaknesses to present itself to our readers in a open and unbiased atmosphere. We came up with a list of requirements that any product included in or testing had to include, this way we were able to weed out any products that did not met a high level of quality. All the products included in our reviews have met or exceeds following criteria:

  1. Had to contain ingredients that were scientifically proven to moisturize and repair skin.
  2. Had to contain natural ingredients that have been tested over time to aid in the healing of skin.
  3. Had to be recommended by licensed dermatologists
  4. Last but not least each product in our acne treatment reviews had to contain at least 80% positive feedback from its users.

You would think that it would be easy to come up with a list of products that met these standards but I can assure you the journey was not easy! However we were able to come up with a few products that made the cut. We will present these products to you and give an account of our findings along with some suggestions based on our findings. You can find the four products that we tested here in a comparison chart with links to each individual product review and also a link to the products official website. We hope that you all find the reviews helpful and more importantly give you the knowledge and power to make a good educated choice on your purchase. In case you missed  the link to the reviews here it is again. Click Here