Psychological Effects of Acne

Teenage girl depression

Acne is a skin disease that mostly affects the teenagers, who are in the most sensitive phases in their life. Sometimes, people in their late twenties can also suffer from acne problems. Even after the acne is cured, the acne scars remain and this can have a bad psychological effect on the sufferer. Thankfully, there are many acne scars treatment systems available in the market. However, the acne scars treatment should be done at an early stage or it may take much time to heal, causing embarrassment and depression. Here are some of the major physiological effects of acne:

Depression and anxiety

People with mild breakouts don’t face too much of depression and anxiety, as those with severe acne problems. Compared to the teenagers, the adults having acne scars tend to feel more of the negative impacts of acne in their social image. Some of the signs of depression caused due to acne scars include weight gain, sleep disturbances, feelings of guilt, exhaustion, psychomotor retardation or anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Teenagers may show decline in school/ college performances.

Many adults face depression and anxiety because they use a wide variety of acne treatment products without any results. This may be because the acne scars treatment system that they use might not be suitable for their skin type.

There is of course a solution to this problem. Instead of trying to cure the acne with all sorts of products available in the market, seek the advice of a good dermatologist. Your lifestyle pattern and diet may require some change. It might be possible that you use a brand of soap or cream which doesn’t suit your skin. Don’t just listen to your friends and switch brands. Acne scar removing gel or cream that suits others, may not necessarily suit your skin too. Ask an expert and opt for an acne scar treatment system that suits you best.

Social withdrawal

People having acne scars find it difficult to build new relationships, especially with the opposite gender. Consequently, they lack self confidence to meet new people and create bonds. This can have a very bad impact on the teenagers. Adults having acne scars also find it difficult to socialize and meet people.

This problem must be dealt with as early as possible. Early acne scars treatment should be done so that it doesn’t affect the self-esteem and confidence of an individual. Along with using the acne scar treatment products prescribed by the dermatologist, patients must also consume more of fresh fruits, exercise daily, and drink more water.