Red Meat and Acne – Is There A Connection?

Raw beef

Doctors have said over and over again that there is no direct connection between diet and acne. Studies have also revealed that diet and acne are not connected directly; however there is no denying the fact that what we eat does have some influence at the effectiveness of the acne treatment medicines and products. Including some foods in the diet plan can support the acne treatment system, while on the other hand, there are some foods that can aggravate acne or slow down the acne treatment process.

Breaking the myth

Acne sufferers are commonly asked cut out all red meat from their diet as a part of their acne treatment system. Instead of having any kind of red meat, they are advised to include more and more of fresh fruits and vegetables; and whole grains in less quantity. It is unfortunate that people are getting led away from the proper diet required to support an acne treatment system. Sometimes, people eat too much of plant and nut oils, as a substitute for red meat. They over eat because their body craves for the required amount of fat. This is entirely opposite to what acne sufferers should actually be doing. And all this starts from the belief that red meat is bad for acne.

So, Is Red meat good?

Yes, red meat is good, it is great! For those who have acne prone skin and are on a regular acne treatment system, red meat is one of the best foods that should be included in the diet. Contrary to the popular belief, red meat does not cause or worsen acne at all. It also does not slow down the acne treatment process.

It is recommended that you eat the red meat from grass fed animals, which is helpful in avoiding the pesticides. However, if you find it difficult to find then you can buy red meat from nay good quality grocery store.

Why is it important?

Red meat is known to be a great source of nutrition. The acne sufferers, who are already asked to cut out other poor foods such as refined sugars and several types of breads/ white rice, as a part of their acne treatment system, desperately require the nutrition of red meat. Red meat is also a terrific food that digests rapidly and has enormous amounts of nutrition.

It is thus incorrect to ask them to cut out red meat. In fact they must be asked to consume it more as a part of their acne treatment method.