Skin Care Products to Avoid When Pregnant

During pregnancy, acne and other skin problems may require you to opt for over-the-counter medications and skin care products. This is the time when all women make healthy choices about what they consume and use. You need to be extremely wary about what cream, lotion, or ointment you choose to use on your skin. This is because several medicated ointments and skin care products contain ingredients that are harmful for the baby.

You need to remember that as you are going through pregnancy, acne is one of the symptoms you might experience. Redness of the skin, itchiness, and irritation are normal conditions experienced by pregnant women.

When you apply creams or use skin care products the ingredients are absorbed by the skin and they can make their way to the bloodstream. Many of these ingredients cause irreversible damage to the fetus and some result in serious birth defects. Pregnancy acne and other skin conditions should always be treated with all natural and organic skin care products.

Pregnant women should avoid the following ingredients in their skin care products at all costs:

Benzoyl peroxide-Under normal circumstances and during pregnancy, acne is usually treated or brought under control by using products that contain this ingredient. But benzoyl peroxide can have serious side effects including embryocidal and teratogenic effects. You can treat pregnancy acne with natural acne remedies other than these products.

Accutane-Accutane and other oral or topical retinoids are not to be used at all. These ingredients can cause serious birth defects. Research and studies indicate that high doses of vitamin A can be harmful for the unborn baby. Pregnancy acne should never be treated with retinoids or accutane.

Salicylic acid -This is a common ingredient found in many skin care products and over the counter medications which can also harm the fetus. You should always consult your dermatologist who might recommend products having low concentrations of the ingredient if it is absolutely required for treating pregnancy acne.

Parabens and phathalates – Parabens are known to have severe adverse effects on the male reproductive system. So a male fetus could be at risk with this ingredient. Phathalates may also be known as dibutyl phathalate or DBP. This ingredient is also known to cause damage to male babies genitals. So women having pregnancy acne should avoid it altogether.

Look out for these names on labels-Tretinoin, tazorac, retinyl linoleate, retinyl palmitate, retin-A, beta hydroxyl acid, and retinoic acid. These need to be totally avoided. When you buy products to control pregnancy acne leave those with the above ingredients out.

Many other ingredients contained in acne medications, face washes, sunscreens, cleansers, lotions, and other over the counter products are harmful for pregnant women and their unborn fetuses. So if you are unsure about what you should use consult your doctor. You should also be careful while you are breastfeeding the baby. Pregnancy acne and the problems with your skin will naturally disappear after delivery.

Meanwhile it is advised that you use products that contain organic ingredients and all natural ingredients without any artificial fragrances, colors, or other additives. Even though some synthetic products might be safe to use for pregnancy acne, why take the risk? Instead of helping your pregnancy acne subside, it could bring on more serious troubles for you and your baby.