Does Sugar Cause Acne?


You might have heard of the age old belief that eating sugar causes acne breakouts. This belief says that if you take in too much sugar then it can lead to sudden acne bumps across the face and body. But, is this really true?


Well, recent studies have shown that this may just be the case. According to a research done on low-glycemic, it was proved that an increased intake of sweets, soft drinks, and white bread can cause sudden increase in blood glucose. This stimulates the secretion of insulin, which again causes the production of IGF-1. This further stimulates epidermal hyperplasia, which leads to the formation of acne breakouts. An experiment was also conducted to verify this, which proved that the old belief is not unreasonable.


One of the major evidences to prove this theory is the absence of acne breakouts in many of the non-Western societies. The reason behind this is that, non-Western people have shown a low glycemic index in their diet. This doesn’t mean that people in the non-Western societies don’t suffer from breakouts, but it’s in far less in number than found in western nations.


Minimizing sugar intake can quicken acne treatment:


More research needs to be done to back up this theory. However, it can be safely said that though taking sugar, fatty food, and other types of junk food don’t directly cause acne breakouts, they can of course sabotage the effect of acne treatment medications. Therefore, it is wise to minimize the intake of sugar in your diet. Sugar not only aggravates acne breakouts, it is also known to foster weight gain. Therefore, reducing sugar in your daily diet is helpful for your skin as well as body.


Natural acne treatment methods:


If you wish for a natural acne treatment solution then follow a healthy diet and good lifestyle. Besides, reducing the consumption of sugar, you must make some other changes in your diet like drinking more water and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. The vitamins present in fruits and vegetables can heal your body inside out by flushing the toxins out of the body. This can considerably quicken the acne treatment process and prevent further acne breakouts.


There are many people who don’t believe that sugar effects acne treatments in any way, but the proof is in the studies done. Removing excess sugar from your diet can not only help in preventing acne breakouts but can also save you from several other heath problems. Clear and acne free skin is not hard to achieve, you must know what to avoid in your diet.