Tips for Back Acne Treatment

Back Acne

Back acne can actually be cured much faster than you think it is possible. One of the main reasons that worsen the back acne is that, this area of the body is mostly ignored. If you have a small pimple on your face, you try out all sorts of acne treatment methods and products to clear if off. But back acne is usually ignored till it causes a lot of physical discomfort. So, the key lies in treating it at an early stage.

How does back acne occur?

Before moving any further, it is first important to know what causes acne on the back. Back acne is formed when the sebaceous glands beneath the skin gets infected with toxic substance such as dirt, dead skin, bacteria, and surplus sebum oil. The sebaceous glands secrete oil which helps in keeping the skin moisturized, lubricated, and guarded against the harmful environmental factors. However, when the excess production of the oils by the glands clogs the pores of skin, it results in the formation of back acne.

Back acne treatment regime:

Back acne should be treated as early as possible. Don’t ignore it! else it may become severe and cause much pain. Here are some important tips that can help you in back acne treatment:

Keep your back clean – Ensure that your back remains clean. Don’t let dirt accumulate on it. Wash your back thoroughly with soap or shampoo so that the pores in the back do not get clogged. You may use a gentle scrubber to remove the excess soap from the back. Alternatively, you may also use a towel to gently wipe the residual soap or shampoo.

Use a good soap – It is recommended that you use a soap that contains Vitamin E or aloe vera. This is known to be really good for the skin and can help in back acne treatment.

Choose your fabric carefully – Back acne can be aggravated by the use of certain materials of clothes. Therefore, pay due attention to the type of fabric that you wear. It should be according to the weather conditions. Wearing proper clothes can also reduce the inflammation caused by back acne. You must particularly avoid wearing tight fitting outfits and those with extra collars.

Pay attention to your diet – One of the most important factors that help in back acne treatment or any other skin diseases is following a healthy diet. Your diet should include adequate amounts of seasonal vegetables and fruits. Fresh fruit juice made of aloe vera or carrot also works wonders in curing back acne.