Tomato Natural Home Acne Remedy


People started using the tomato as a natural home remedies for acne just some years ago. And today, there are several manufacturing companies which have tapped this acne fighting attribute of tomatoes to produce tomato-based facial cleansers and acne treating systems to alleviate the acne vulgaris symptoms. Using organic variety of tomato is highly effective, however companies are now encouraging people to try the tomato based acne treatment products available in the market to naturally cure acne step by step.


The anti-acne systems are known to deal the problem of acne methodically by introducing the acne fighting agents into the skin. These agents work by slowly breaking down the hardened sebum, cleaning the clogged pores, and dissolving the unwanted impurities and toxins in the skin. Eventually, the problem of acne is hit at the root, and blemishes are dissolved in weeks or a month.


Using tomatoes as a home remedies for acne


Tomatoes are among the many organic sources that have been used in anti-acne systems to effectively treat acne. When used along with acne-fighting antibiotics, these systems help to quicken the acne healing rate. They also helps to keep away inflammation and infection caused by acne.


The keyword for all these types of acne treatment systems are cellular regeneration. In medical terminology, cellular regeneration is generally used to imply the growth and repair of cells and tissues. Since acne often results in the breaking your facial skin surface, cellular regeneration suggests a natural healing of the cells.


You can treat your acne naturally by slicing a tomato and rubbing the slice onto your face. You can leave the tomato juice on overnight. A tomato can also be juice. You can save the juice in the refrigerator to use as a toner. The pulp you can use immediately as a mask. Leave the tomato pulp mask on your skin for twenty minutes, then rinse.

Tomatoes work as a natural acne treatment system. They have also been used as an active ingredient in many acne treatment products developed by beauty and skin care companies. For example, there are cleansing soaps made of ingredients such as lemons and tomatoes. Similar ingredients include oatmeal and grape extracts. The tomato based cleansing soaps usually work by loosening the sebum that clog pores.


For facial scrubbing, companies usually integrate natural ingredients like apricot and other known exfoliating compounds. These creams are mostly smooth, because exfoliating acne prone skin should be done gently without the use of beads, salts, seeds, sugars, and other rough textures.


Tomato based cleansers help to speed up the healing of acne. This natural home remedies for acne helps in cleansing and removing the dead skin tissue and oil deposits in the skin. After cleaning the face well with a tomato based cleanser, it must be followed with a good acne treatment cream or lotion.

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