Top Ten Face-Wash Treatments For Acne

Young female washing her face

Cleansing your face thoroughly is the most important step of your acne treatment regimen. If your skin is too oily, doctors recommend that you wash your face with a mild cleanser at least three times a day to control the excess oil in your face, which clog pores causing acne breakouts. So, keeping in mind the importance of cleansing your face with a good face wash, here is a list of top ten face wash treatment for acne.

Aloe Vera soaps – Aloe Vera is a naturally occurring herb that is known to reduce acne breakouts considerably. It also has astringent properties that help in soothing skin inflammation. Acne breakout sufferers can use soaps made from aloe Vera to as a part of their skin care regimen.

Sulfur soap- Sulfur is also known to control acne breakouts. It is a common ingredient found in many acne treatment products. The sulfur soaps help to control the oil glands to produce less oil and thus keep the face clear.

Tea tree oil – People suffering from severe acne breakouts can apply tea tree oil in the affected areas to reduce acne. Tea tree is a naturally occurring antibiotic and it works just like Benzoyl peroxide, without causing any side effects. There are many face wash gels available in the market that contains tea tree oil as their main ingredient.

Papaya juice– Applying papaya juice to acne is the best treatment for acne. You can apply the juice on the affected areas and wash it off with lukewarm water. There are several face wash gels available in the market that contains papaya as ingredient.

Lemon juice or Camphor spirit-The greasy effect of the skin can be removed by using a mix of Lemon juice or Camphor spirit on face. This will reduce the acne in size and amount. You can also apply the lemon juice on the affected area and leave it on overnight. People with sensitive skin should avoid using lemon juice on skin.

Honey– Rub some honey on the area affected by acne and wash off after a few minutes.

Garlic– Rub a piece of garlic onto the affected area and wash off to find a clear skin.

Calamine lotion – Apply Calamine lotion onto the affected areas and leave it overnight. This will help to reduce the pimple.

Lemon juice and honey mixture – Alternatively you can also use a mix of lemon juice and honey, and gently massage the acne affected areas with a cotton ball. Then wash off.

Vinegar-It is an effective acne cleanser. You can mix it with a little salt and rub it on the face, and then wash off.

If any of the face wash methods irritates your skin then stop using it as you may have extremely sensitive skin. If the problem persists then consult a doctor.