Treat Acne Scars with Punch Excision and Skin Grafting

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Acne scars can make your life hell. But, the good news is that now you can cure them from the root. Ice pick scars and deep pit acne scars can be effectively treated with punch excision acne scar removal methods. These are basic acne scar removal methods used to heal almost all types of acne scars. During these methods, each scar is treated individually to improve the appearance and texture of your skin.

The process

The punch excision acne scar removal method uses a small cookie cutter like tool to cut out the individual acne scar. After the scar is removed, the tiny wound that is formed during the process is covered up using steri-strips. After the wound heals, you can discover a well textured and even toned skin.

However, patients should know that this process leaves behind a tiny and much lighter acne scar in place of the original one. If you wish to get rid of this scar as well, you may consider laser resurfacing procedures.

The punch excision acne scar removal method usually involves the removal of scar tissue which contains the acne scar. This method may at times also combine skin grafting.

After the removal of the damaged tissue containing the acne scar, the surgeon may either stitch the skin or fill the wound with a part of the patient’s skin. This process is known as skin grafting where a portion of the patient’s skin is grafted in the wound to let it heal quickly.

The chances of a resultant scar after the process is comparatively less when using punch and graft method to remove acne scars.

Time to recover after punch excision and skin grafting process

There is no recovery time required after the punch excision and skin grafting method. Your surgeon may sometimes ask you to stay away from water for about a week after surgery. Just remember to take extra care of the area after the acne scar removal process.

Punch excision itself is a very effective acne scar removal method for ice pick scars. When it is coupled with skin grafting, it offers the perfect solution to heal even the most severe cases of acne scars.

A piece of advice

If you want to go for punch excision and skin grafting acne scars removal method, then it is recommended that you approach a plastic surgeon instead of a dermatologist. It is also advisable to opt for two layers stitching, as this would further prevent the acne scar from rupturing in the future.