Treating Acne With Fish Oil

Fish Oil

There is a wide option available these days when it comes to choosing acne treatments. While most of them are acne medications, you can also purchase over the counter acne treatment products. Some people prefer the natural acne treatments, especially because they are safe and without any side effects. When it comes to natural acne cure, one of the most effective treatments for acne that is generally recommended is the fish oil. It works as a really good option for the treatment of acne.


What makes it an effective acne treatment?


Studies have revealed that if you increase the amount of fish oil in your diet then you can effectively help in the treatment of acne. It is considered that the Omega 3 found in fish oil helps to lower the skin inflammation, and it also helps to prevent the body from producing excess sebum. Sebum is known as the main cause that leads to acne breakouts, as it happens to clog up the pores of the skin.


Taking a closer look into it, you will realize that the essential Omega 3 acid, also known as Eicosapenaenoic Acid is the primary thing that helps in eliminating skin inflammation caused by acne. It increases the levels of anti-inflammatory Prostaglandins, which helps in stopping the inflammation. The Prostaglandins are present in every cell within the body, and these are essentially hormone type of substances. Thus, by increasing the amount of Omega 3 in diet, you can potentially prevent acne breakouts in future.


Which fish oil should you use?


Not all types of fish oil are good for acne, and you need to limit the intake of Omega 6. In taking more of Omega 6, instead of Omega 3, can cause the overproduction of Leukotriene B4. This can further aggravate the condition of acne. Thus, the right method to include the correct levels of fish oil in diet is having just one, or maximum two portions of fish once a week. This must be enough to get the required amount of Omega 3 for acne treatment.


Alternatively, you can also take Omega 3 as supplements. Make sure that the supplements that you intake are high in Eicosapenaenoic Acid, also known as EPA. It is the main component that helps in controlling the acne problem. Fish oil is good for overall health. And, its attribute of treating acne gives another cause for its consumption.


If you are taking Omega 3 as supplements, then you must remember to give it some time before it can start showing results.