Treating Acne On Tongue

Tongue acne

Acne has its physical and emotional effects on people. It normally occurs in the face, and pulls down the confidence and social image of the sufferer. Acne on tongue is very uncommon, but if it occurs, it can be extremely painful for the sufferer. When a pimple pops on the tongue, you must take care not to squeeze it, or else the bacteria inside the pimple would spread out in your mouth causing a much larger acne breakout.


It is also extremely difficult to apply any sort of topical acne treatment on your tongue, as you wouldn’t want to consume the medicine. There are also several options of oral acne treatment antibiotics available in the market. However, doctors normally don’t prescribe any acne treatment medicine unless the breakout is serious.


What causes acne on the tongue?


Many researchers have claimed that diet and acne have no direct connection. But, it cannot be ruled out that there are some foods that can indirectly causing the acne to breakout, or even aggravate an existing acne.


There are some foods that cause allergies, and this can cause acne on the tongue. Food allergies are one of the biggest reasons leading to acne breakouts. This is how it all happens:


When a certain food causes allergies in your system, then your body responds to it by creating a toxic substance that helps to combat the allergic reactions. In its effort to get rid of the allergies, the body pushes germs and bacteria into the skin. If the pores of your skin are clogged with dirt and oil then it can cause a bacteria buildup, leading to acne breakouts. Food allergies are one of the most common causes for acne breakouts on tongue.


Treatment for acne on tongue:


If you are prone to acne breakouts, especially in the tongue area then it is recommended that you cut off fatty foods from your diet. In other words, reduce the amount of oil that is produced by the sebaceous gland of your body. This will help in decreasing the chances of getting acne breakouts on your tongue.


Another natural acne treatment can be done by eating a well balanced and healthy diet. This means that you must reduce the consumption of carbohydrates and the nonessential fats. Instead you can replace it with vegetables, fresh fruits, and juice. Drink more of water and include fresh fruit juices in your diet to stay acne free.