Different Types of Laser Treatments for Acne Scars

Laser acne scar treatment is also known as laser resurfacing. High-energy light is used in the process, to remove the skin damaged by the acne scars. Besides clearing the blemishes, the laser acne scar removal method also visibly reduces the wrinkles and other skin problems.

Dermatologists have for decades recommended methods like dermabrasion or chemical peels to effectively treat acne scars. While it worked for some, others didn’t find it very useful. Laser treatment is a recent innovation and is known to produce great results.

This modern acne scar treatment method promotes the growth of collagen, which fills the scars from within. This has a long lasting effect and doesn’t involve any complications. There are three types of laser acne scars treatment methods available, they are:

  • Smoothbeam laser
  • Fraxel laser
  • Vbeam laser

Smoothbeam Laser to remove acne scars

Smoothbeam laser acne scars treatment is done under the topical anesthetic. Just before the laser treatment starts, a soothing cryogen spray is sprayed on your face. The entire process of the laser treatment is carried on smoothly and it feels comfortable. The biggest advantage of this type of laser acne scars treatment is that it doesn’t cause redness of the face. The redness disappears soon after the treatment is over and your face looks absolutely normal and fresh.

Fraxel Laser to remove acne scars

Fraxel laser is yet another type of laser acne scars treatment, and is one of the most modern of the laser acne scar removal methods. This treatment focuses on clearing the old pigmented cells that are accumulated in the top layer of the skin. This is a very precise treatment method. It is focused on the blemishes, and doesn’t affect the surrounding skin.

Vbeam Laser to remove acne scars

The acne scars vary in shape. They can be flat, depressed, or raised. Vbeam laser acne scars treatment works for the all types and shapes of scars. This laser acne scar removal method targets the blood vessels present in the scar. This treatment works very well with red scars, making them considerably less noticeable.

The only disadvantage of laser treatment for acne scars is that after the treatment, your face will hurt for about a week. However, this can be taken care of, if you take the medicines prescribed by the dermatologists. In some cases, your skin may look red for a couple of weeks. This discomfort can be managed by covering it up with a good foundation. Before using any cosmetics after the laser acne scars treatment, discuss with your doctor to find out which brand would suit you best.

Ask Your Dermatologists

Ask your dermatologist before opting for any of the above mentioned laser acne scars treatment methods. Your dermatologist will be able to tell you which one would best suit your skin type. It cannot be denied that the results of laser acne scars treatment are far more remarkable than any other acne scars removal method.