Understanding Baby Acne

Baby Acne

Parents usually get alarmed on seeing the red, acne like rash on the face of their new born baby. However, baby acne is an absolutely common and harmless condition. It generally appears within the first month after the birth of the baby. Sometimes, it happens soon after baby’s birth. But, fortunately baby acne goes away by itself after a few days, and in most cases it does not require an acne treatment.

Appearance of baby acne:

Baby acne is also known as infant or infantile acne. The appearance of baby acne is like a rough and red rash. Most commonly, it occurs on the cheeks and nose of the infant. There could be the presence of comedones and papules; and in some cases some small pustules. Infantile acne mostly comes and goes, but may appear worse when your baby is crying or is fussy.

If you feel that your baby has acne, then you should immediately get your baby checked by your pediatrician. Some other skin disorder conditions in infants, such as erythema toxicum, eczema, and heat rash, can look like baby acne as well. These disorders may need treatment.

What causes baby acne?

Infants usually develop acne during the first few weeks after birth. This is most likely caused by the hormones that are passed from mother to baby during the last phase of pregnancy.

This type of acne can be aggravated when milk, or spit-up comes in contact with skin. Some other factors that can cause irritations in baby skin include rough fabrics or fabrics washed in strong detergents. If you notice that your baby has acne breakouts, then you must avoid using soap, lotions, or any kind of creams on the face. This can also further irritate your infant’s skin.

Acne like rash in the baby skin can also be caused by certain types of medications, viral illnesses, and allergic reactions. Thus, if you find that your infant has developed an acne like rash after taking any type of medicine, consult your doctor immediately.

Baby acne treatment:

If you feel that your baby has developed acne due to some of these underlying conditions, then there is no need to treat it. Baby acne is not harmful at all and is solely a cosmetic issue. Just wash your baby’s face gently with plain water, once or twice daily. Remember, not to scrub. Also, cleaning too often is not recommended.

In most cases, infantile acne goes away by itself without using any acne treatment. There is no need to worry about the acne on your baby’s face. Just enjoy your time with your newborn.